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Our Products

Hi there!  Rebecca here ....Thanks for visiting my site...Just a little note...if you are going to place an order, please include the item you are purchasing and how you want it designed/decorated and be as specific as you can.  I want to make sure you get what you want!

 Mini Notebooks
You can choose from Brittany  
Spears (3), Shaggy (2), Pink (2),
NSYNC (1), On The Line (1),
Lizzie McGuire (1). Those are
the ones from CD covers. You
can also have one custome made
with hearts, stars, flowers, swirls,
stripes, butterfies, or a collage and
any words written in fancy letters --
you choose!


This one and 
another like it, but 
without the cross
are available for 
you to purchase.
You can also have
one custom made,
just choose the 




These are available
for you to purchase.
You can also have
custom ones made.
The price varies 
depending on what
type of earings you
want (dangle or not,
beaded, guitar pick
ones, ect).




custom designed cups, plates, and bowls. You can have ones made like in one of these pictures or something else--you choose!  All cups, plates, and bowls are $20. S&H: $5

You can have one custom
made with with collages,
hearts, stars, ect. and any
words written in fancy
letters -- you choose!



This one is available 
for you to purchase.
You can also have
one custome made,
just choose the


Shipping and handling on all other items is $ 2.

To order any of these items send a money order to:

Rebecca Pippin

1265 Rice Rd.

Centerville, IN.


You can also perchase t-shirts for $25. Just come to Michelle with your own design, and she'll put it on the shirt for you. I know these shirts are kinda pricey, but its gotta be done! To order a shirt email Michelle at . You MUST put in the subject something about the t-shirts, cause you never know what ends up in your junk mail, lol.

Please feel free to visit our Web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You can contact me at: